Starring: Jerry Khor and P-38 Lightning (Jerry Khor).



In the year of 2016, the little magical mermaid named Emily Mason dwells in an underwater Mermaid Kingdom with her father the Mer-king, her family and her all sea animals. She rises up to the surface, watches a birthday celebration being held on a ship in honor of a handsome prince named Cansin Slade, and falls in love with him from a safe distance. A violent storm appears to hit the ship, and Emily saves the prince Cansin from drowning. She delivers him unconscious to the shore near a temple. Here, she waits until a young woman from the temple and her friends find him. Emily asks her mother if humans can live forever, Emily visits the Sea Witch named Staropal in a dangerous part of the ocean. The witch Staropal willingly helps her by giving her a potion that gives her legs and warns that once she becomes a human, she will never be able to return to the sea. Emily drank the potion will make her have two human legs and will be able to dance like no human has ever danced before, Emily is found by the prince Cansin, who is mesmerized by her beauty and grace, and then he led her to the palace. Emily wants to marry the prince Cansin, but he can only love the young woman named Kirphie from the temple. The prince Cansin declares his love for Kirphie, and the royal wedding is announced at once. Prince Cansin and Princess Kirphie celebrate on a wedding ship, and Emily's heart breaks. Emily brings the knife to kill the sleeping prince Cansin, but she won't kill him and then she jumps into the sea. Prince Cansin wakes up and he heard Emily jumps into the sea, Princess Kirphie saw the prince Cansin jumps into the sea and save her, and the princess Kirphie jumps into the sea too. Emily, Prince Cansin and Princess Kirphie are losing their oxygen under the sea, all the sea animals tells Emily's father about Emily, Prince Cansin and Princess Kirphie are fallen into the sea. Emily's father uses the magic to turn Emily, Prince Cansin and Princess Kirphie into the mermaid, three mermaids woke up and they are still can breathing in the water. Prince Cansin hugs Emily and apologize to her about Emily saved him, Emily's family and all the sea animals are very happy about three mermaids will live under the sea. Next day, Didy, Noah and Jaiden the magical mermaids appears to meet Emily, Cansin and Kirphie the magical mermaids, all the sea animals helps six magical mermaids to constructing a new project of the Legendary Armor robot and named the robot P-38 Lightning, and the Galactic Headphone with glasses. They had finished the construction of the Legendary Armor robot, they puts the P-38 and the Galactic Headphone into the box and then delivers the box to the shore, because the Cyber War of the evil Tommy Parky has started forever.

*Jerry Khor goes to the beach*

Jerry: Hmm, what is this box?

*Jerry opens the box inside of the robot P-38 Lightning and the Galactic Headphone*

Jerry: Wow, it's a robot and the headphone! Well then, I will take the box.

*Close the box and take the box to going back home*

Jerry: Hey Pokemons, guess what I found. It's a robot and the headphone.

Pikachu: Pika! Pika!

Victini: Victini!

Hoopa: Wow, nice robot!

Shiny Lucario: Yeah, that's the Legendary Armor robot!

Diancie: I know it, the Legendary Armor robot named P-38 Lightning.

Jerry: Umm, okay. My P-38 Lightning get its name, thanks Diancie.

Diancie: You're welcome, Jerry.

Xerneas, Yveltal and Zygarde: Wow!

Xerneas: How do you found this Legendary Armor robot, Jerry?

Jerry: I found it from the beach.

Yveltal: How wonderful.

Jerry: Okay, let's put Lightning outside standing like a guard.

Jerry: What is this letter from Lightning's back?

*Takes the letter and read: The Cyber War has started, may you fight bravely.*

Jerry: Is the Lightning looks nice?

Zygarde: Yeah, it's looks nice.

Meloetta: Jerry, will we cook some Spaghetti for you?

Jerry: Sure.

*At the afternoon*

Jerry: Uhh, I finished eating the Spaghetti. Let me play a computer games.

*At night*

Jerry: *Yawn* Goodnight Pokemons, I'm sleeping with using this headphone. Oh wait, this button?

*Jerry pressed the Galactic Headphone button and makes Jerry fell into deep sleep, then connected Jerry into the Legendary Armor robot*

Lightning: *Sigh* Where am I? Huh?! Oh no, I'm a robot! Why did I become a robot?! WHY?!

Lightning: Hey wait, I have a Uzi. *Shoots upward* Wow, nice Vulcan shot.

Lightning: Woah, I'm still flying! YAY!

Lightning: The ship, I'm going in. *Flies to the ship*

Lightning: Hello, anybody there?!

Batman: Hey, my name is Batman bin Suparman, Knight of the Justice.

Lightning: Hi, I'm Jerry Khor Jiunn Lin.

Batman: Yeah, you are conneted into the Legendary Armor robot. And now your name is P-38 Lightning.

Jerry: Well okay, what's going on in our planet Earth?

Batman: Let me explain, Tommy Parky the evil true leader and he has an ally named Mercenary Ko the evil Mother Bomer, and now they are ready to start the Cyber War to destroying our planet Earth. Me and all the people needs you now P-38 Lightning, you are the only hope for our Earth.

Lightning: Okay, I'll try my best to fight against them.

Lightning: *Running to the line* HAAAAA! *Flying-spin upper forward and then back to the forward* YAHOO!

Lightning: *Flies forward* I shall fight for justice!

Lightning: Uh oh, who are you?

5 Guardos: We are the evil warriors, we are unbeatable legion to destroying this planet Earth forever, prepare to die now! *Shoots P-38*

Lightning: Woah! *Dodges Guardo's firing bullets and uses the S.V Uzi to shoot 4 Guardos*

Guardo 1: *Gets shot* AAH!

Guardo 2: *Gets shot* YEOUCH!

Guardo 3: *Gets shot* OOWW!

Guardo 4: *Gets shot* WAAARRGH!

Guardo 5: NO WAY! YOU HAVE TO DIE NOW! *Shoots P-38*

*P-38 shoots Guardo 5*


*Guardo exploded and dies*

Lightning: Haha! See what I mean, I'm an Act Raiser legion hero!

Lightning: *Flies* Woohoo! That was nice flying!


5 Guardos and 10 Greenos: YAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Lightning: *Shoots Guardo's head* Headshot!

Lightning: *Shoots Guardo* Double Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Greeno* Triple Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Greeno's head* Quad Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Guardo* Quint Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Guardo* Multi Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Guardo's head* Super Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Greeno* Supreme Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Greeno* Hyper Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Greeno* Mega Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots Greeno* Ultra Hit!

Lightning: *Shoots 4 Greenos* OH YEAH! I am the best Act Raiser hero!

Lightning: What?!

2 Rideras: We will f##king kill you, bloody crap!

Lightning: *Shoots Ridera once* Huh?!

Ridera 1: Heh, you can't beat me!

Ridera 1: *Gets shot many times* AAAAH! YAAAAAA! *Exploded*

Ridera 2: HOW DARE YOU!! YOU GONNA F##KING DIE NOW! *Shoots Lightning*

Lightning: *Dodges Ridera's cyborg dragon rider firing bullets* Oh yeah?

Ridera 2: *Gets shot many times* OOOOWW NOOOO!! *Exploded*


Lightning: Huh? Who are you?

Rideronzo: Don't saying my name now! I REALLY WANT TO F##KING KILL YOU NOW!! *Shoots Lightning*

Lightning: *Dodges Rideronzo's cyborg dragon rider firing bullets* Wow, you are really madness raged! Umm, okay!?

Rideronzo: *Gets shot many times* YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAARRGH! *Exploded*

Lightning: I saw that ship is moving forward, going down! *Flies to the ship*

Lightning: Hey Batman bin Suparman!

Batman: *Shocked* Oh, how did you come here?!

Lightning: I saw your ship moves forwardly, so I can going to visit you, and who is these evil armies?

Batman: Oh, I know. Let me explain, Guardo the Grey color, Greeno the Green color, Ridero the Green dragon rider, Rideronzo the Elite Green dragon rider, Limero the Green Corporal and Wingyra the Grey dragon rider.

Lightning: Oh, okay. I hope I will remember these evil armies!

Batman: Good luck, Lightning. May you fight bravely!

Lightning: Right! *Flying-spin upper forward and then back to the forward* On my way!

Lightning: Hey Guardo!


Lightning: *Shoots 7 Guardos* Eat lead now, Guardos!

Guardo 1: *Gets shot* DAMN YOU!

Guardo 2 and 3: *Gets shot* YOU BRAT!

Guardo 4, 5 and 6: *Gets shot* NOOOOOOO!!

Guardo 7: *Gets shot* F##K YOU!

Lightning: I am amazing!

Rideronzo: F##KIGN DIE YOU S##TY MOTHAF##KA!! *Shoots Lightning*

Lightning: *Dodges Rideronzo's cyborg dragon rider firing bullets* Nah, you are too mad!

Rideronzo: *Gets shot many times* LELELELELELELELELELELAAARRGH!! *Exploded*

Mercenary Ko: You pathetic fool, we wishes you dead and destroys the planet Earth!

Lightning: Hey, you must be the Mercenary Ko!

Mercenary Ko: Stop f##king saying my name you goddamn f##king brat, I am the leader of the evil true leader! *Shoots Lightning* HAAAA!

Lightning: *Dodges Ayako's bomber cyborg dragon rider firing bullets* Oh my goodness! Eat lead you evil Mercenary Ko!

Mercenary Ko: *Gets shot 7 times* OW! AW! OW! AW! OW! AW! OW! I AM UNDEFEATED! YOU MUST F##KING DIE! *Shoots Lightning*

Lightning: *Dodges again* Woah! Wow! Yikes! Hya! Ho! Its time for you to eat lead!

2 Chibi-ghosts: Two Side Chibi-ghosts to the rescue!

Lightning and 2 Chibi-ghosts: *Shoots Mercenary Ko* EAT LEAD!!

Mercenary Ko: *Gets shot many times* No! NO! HOW DARE YOU! I F##KING HATE YOU AND I WILL F##KING KILL BOTH OF YOU NOW! *Exploded* AAAAAAAAARRGH!!

Lightning: Thank you for helping me, who are you guys?

Chibi-ghost 1: We are the Chibi-ghost.

Chibi-ghost 2: Yeah, two side Chibi-ghosts for the best.

Lightning: Okay, let's get back to the ship!

2 Chibi-ghosts: Alright!

*Lightning and 2 Chibi-ghosts flies to the ship*

Lightning: Hey Batman bin Suparman!

Batman: Oh, you're back!

Lightning: I found two side Chibi-ghosts!

Batman: Oh I remembered, 2 Chibi-ghosts was create by all sea animals.

Chibi-ghost 1: You're right, Batman bin Suparman!

Chibi-ghost 2: I agree with you!

Lightning: Yeah, me too!

*At afternoon*

Greeno: Your majesty, our general is back!

Tommy: Good, bring him here right now!

Guardo: Yes, your majesty!

Mercenary Ko: Your majesty, I saw the legion brat starts to protecting the planet Earth.

Tommy: This is not good! THAT'S F##KING IMPOSSIBLE! All right guys, we need to destroy THAT F##KING GODDAMN S##TY LEGION B##CH!

20 Guardos, 20 Greenos, 14 Rideras, 10 Rideronzos and 14 Wingyras: YES! YOUR MAJESTY!

Tommy: And one more thing, Mercenary Ko. Take this Limero seeds bottle with the green liquid!

Mercenary Ko: Of course, what do I use this?

Tommy: First, to make the hole on the ground. Second, put the seeds on the ground hole. Third, close the ground hole with the dusty ground. And final, put the green liquid on the ground and then the Limero will be born. Understand?

Mercenary Ko: I remember that Tommy, I understand.


20 Guardos, 20 Greenos, 14 Rideras, 10 Rideronzos and 14 Wingyras: YES! YOUR MAJESTY! *Flies to be deployed*

Chibi-ghost 1: Uh oh! Lightning, the evil armies are coming!

Lightning: No problem, let's go! *Flying-spin upper forward and then back to the forward* I'm on it!

2 Chibi-ghosts: We're on it too!

*At the ground*

Mercenary Ko: Let me put the seeds here. *Opens the bottle, making the hole on the ground, putting the seeds on the ground hole, close the ground hole with the dusty ground and put the green liquid on the ground*

*Green liquid downed to the ground*

*Limero starts to resurrected in the ground*

Limero 1: *Born* Wraaa!

Limero 2: *Born* Raaaaww!

Limero 3: *Born* Gahahahaha!

Limero 4: *Born* Guooooo!

Limero 5: *Born* Kehehehehe!

Limero 6: *Born* Yaaargh!

Limero 7: *Born* Hahaaaaa!

Mercenary Ko: Alright Limeros, I have a mission to give you all. Destroy the f##king s##ty legion robobrat now!

*7 Limeros flies and prepares to start killing Lightning*

Lightning: *Shoots Guardos and Greenos* Huh?

7 Limeros: RAAAAAAAA!!

Lightning and 2 Chibi-ghosts: Woah! *Dodge*

Lightning: What are you guys doing?!

Limero 1: RAAWWR!! *Flies in front of Lightning*

Limero 1: *Gets shot* AAAAARRRRRGGH!!

2 Chibi-ghosts: That was fun!

Lightning: Who wants to challenge me?

6 Limeros: RAAAAAAAAAA!!

5 Limeros: *Gets shot* AAAAAAAAAAHHH!!

2 Chibi-ghosts: Woohoo!

Limero 7: YAAAAAAARRGH!! *Flies in front of Lightning*

Lighting and 2 Chibi-ghosts: Goodbye you evil brainless army! *Shoots Limero*

Limero 7: *Gets shot* AAAAAAAAWWW!!

Limero 6: *points gun*

Chibi-ghosts: Watch out! *tackles Lightning to the ground*

Limero 6: *shoots*


Lightning: Whew, thanks. I would have died. *flies to the limero and slices it in half*

Limero 6: *falls*

Lightning: Neat

Limeros: *escapes*

Lightning: Yeah you better run if you know what's coming!

Chibi-ghosts: Oh no. This is seriously bad!

Lightning: What is?

Chibi-ghosts: The limeros are heading towards the planet! We need to stop them from wreaking havoc to society!

To be continued...