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In 2016, Jerry Khor has an ultimately terrible nightmare about Tommy Parky UTTP and his ultimate evil users tried to bombarding and destroying the cyber internet, chibi fairy tales and the planet Earth. Cansin, Emily, Noah, Jaiden, Rosie and Didy the magical mermaids and all sea animals lives in the Magical Mermaid Kingdom under the sea, six mermaids and all sea animals starts to construct a new project of the Legendary Armor robot and the Galactic Headphone with glasses and then they sends the Legendary Armor robot out of the sea. Jerry goes to the beach and he found the Legendary Armor robot named P-38 Lightning equipped with Straight Vulcan Uzi gun, Jerry took the Legendary Armor robot P-38 Lightning and going back home, then the war of the evil Tommy Parky UTTP has started. Jerry has found the letter from the Legendary Armor robot's back and it said: "The cyber war has started, may you fight bravely", Jerry wears the Galactic Headphone and turn on the button to make Jerry fall into deep sleep and connected into the turned on Legendary Armor robot in 3 seconds and so Jerry sleeps like a sweet prince. Jerry the P-38 Lightning has a light cyber wings to flying and now Jerry will survive to shooting down and destroying all the evil villainous enemies everytime in the cyber war, Jerry the P-38 Lightning's 2 new helpers named Twin Formation the Chibi-ghosts. Jerry has destroyed the evil Tommy Parky UTTP and his evil villainous forces to gain justice and freedom, then Jerry goes back home. Jerry the P-38 Lightning stands outside and open the left hand option button. Jerry pressed the turn off button to connected into the human as himself back in 3 seconds, then the P-38 Lightning has stand straight and turned off. Jerry wakes up and took off his Galactic Headphone and he saw Pikachu, 3 starter Pokemons Gen VI, 15 shiny starter Pokemons and other Pokemons hugs me because they though Jerry is dead. Now Jerry is going to see his Legendary Armor robot P-38 Lightning, so the war of the Tommy Parky UTTP is over but it isn't over yet.

(Credits to Cansin and his BFF, "World War Z (Movie)", "Dragon Ball series", "Street Fighter series", "Wootso (Goteng the Korean person)", "Stephen Chow (Hong Kong movie actor)", "Forbidden City Cop (Stephen Chow's Old Hong Kong movie in 1996)", "From Beijing with Love (Stephen Chow's Old Hong Kong movie in 1994)", "Future Cops (Old Hong Kong movie in 1993)", "Real Steel (Movie)", "Kung Fu Cyborg (Hong Kong movie)", "Kamen Rider/ Masked Rider (TV Show)", "1942 (Video game)", "After Burner (Video game)", Capcom and Psikyo).


  1. Be very nice and respectful
  2. No bad/evil users and spam allowed, because they deserved to be brainwashing drawn by Jerry Khor and his BFF the cyber war heroes
  3. To draw some chibi role play
  4. To draw some bad/evil users being jerks and defeated by the Legendary Armor robot or Cyber robot heroes
  5. Remember check out who is the bad/evil users, just ask Jerry and then Jerry and his BFF will block the bad users and then to taking the cyber war battle action against the bad/evil users immediately
  6. Jerry and his BFF the Legendary Armor robot or Cyber robot heroes are hardly dodges the bad/evil users's/enemies's firing bullets during the cyber war fighting time
  7. Jerry and his BFF are at war of the cyber war, please support Jerry and his BFF to defeat all the bad/evil users to bring peace
  8. Cansin13 is definitely not allowed on this wiki. For he is a tyrant and a liar. Failure to respect Jerry will result in extermination (being banned here).
  9. New rule: Not only Cansin is not allowed, but Emily (Emily Mason/123emilymason) and Tilsim (StarOpal/WonderWitchKirlia) are also banned from visiting here. Though Jerry was responsible for doing the trouble, he will never forgive his enemies and it's their fault for hurting his feelings.


  • The ultimate bad/evil user bosses gets Sprite dominated (Sprite explosion in "Strikers 2020 II")
  • The ultimate bad/evil user bosses gets HD dominated (High Definition explosion in "Strikers 2020 Plus")
  • The ultimate bad/evil user bosses rages shooting and gets Technical dominated by getting close to the orb of darkness, then shooting the orb of darkness. So, shooting the blue orb to turn green and then turned red to make it Technical exploded. (Technical bonus that the dominated evil user bosses's rage shooting was malfunctioned and then launching the fireworks and explosion kinda like Happy New Year, no technical bonus without fireworks and just the explosion only, in "Strikers 2020 III/ Strikers 20ZX")


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