Legendary Armor robots or Cyber robots's weapons
Legendary Armor robots's melee weapons

Legendary Armor robots or Cyber robots's assault equipment to strike against the enemy forces of evil Darkness armies.

  • S.V Uzi from "2016"
  • Battling Uzi from "2017: The Battle of Internet"
  • Battle K Uzi from "2017 Kai: Internet Kaisen"
  • C.B Uzi from "2018: Counter Combat"
  • Magic Star Uzi from "20XX: Cyber War Against Destiny"
  • Questing Uzi from "2019: The Quest Master"
  • Uzi Z from "Strikers 2020", "Strikers 2020 II" and "Strikers 2020 Plus"
  • Uzi GT from "Strikers 2020 III (U)/Strikers 20ZX (J)" and "2020k III"

Legendary Armor robots's Armed-Element Melee weapon:

  • Thundery Sword (Type II Missiles and Melee Sonic Wave)
  • Fiery Blade (Zero Type Missiles)
  • Breezy Saber (Roll Napalm)
  • Watery Katana (Wingmen Attack Formation)
  • Dynamo Lance (Lock-On Thunder Beam)
  • Flamer Spear (Plasma Mines)
  • Winder Javelin (Samurai Sword'98)
  • Aqua Trident (Buster Laser)
  • Electron Staff (Cluster Laser)
  • Burner Staff (Royal Napalm)
  • Twister Staff (Search Boomerang)
  • Hydro Staff (Array Blasters)

Legendary Cyber robots's Cyber-Element Melee weapon:

  • Cyber-thunder Sword (Rapid Missiles)
  • Cyber-fire Sword (Sonic Wave)
  • Cyber-water Sword (Hunter Formation)
  • Cyber-wind Sword (Lock-On Plasma Laser)
  • Cyber-thunder Spear (Twin Stinger)
  • Cyber-fire Spear (Laser Sever)
  • Cyber-water Spear (Star Vulcan)
  • Cyber-wind Spear (Cross Napalm)
  • Cyber-thunder Staff (Homing Energy Balls)
  • Cyber-fire Staff (Flamethrower)
  • Cyber-water Staff (Photon Shotgun)
  • Cyber-wind Staff (Star Blades)
  • Cyber-light Axe (Spiral Laser)

Element Colors:

  • Thunder (Purple)
  • Fire (Orange)
  • Water (Turquoise)
  • Wind (Green)
  • Light (Yellow)