Magical mermaids-2
Magical mermaids II-0

They lived in the Magical Mermaid Kingdom under the sea and in the beach has the floating castle, six mermaids and all sea animals starts constructing a new project of Legendary Armor robot in 2016 years, then constructing another new project of Legendary Cyber robot in 2021 years.

Under the sea building types:

  • Medieval City type [In 2016 years] (looks like United Kingdom country of the Fairy Tales)
  • Cyber City type [In 2021 years]

Magical Mermaid Kingdom under the sea buildings:

  • Castle
  • Sea houses
  • Sea restaurant

Floating Castle on the sea of the beach:

  • Castle
  • Bank
  • Hospital and Clinic
  • Restaurant and Cafe

List of Magical Mermaids:

  • Cansin Slade
  • Emily Mason
  • Kirphie
  • Noah Riegel
  • Jaiden
  • Didy Melody

Credits to: The Little Mermaid (Story from Danish) and Cansin and his crew.