The cybernetic of the evil mechanical was invited by the evil LeopoldDaRealGangster18 the true leader in 2020 years, the new evil true leader named Chosi Rele UTTP meets LeopoldDaRealGangster18 to be the evil alliance ever in 2021 years.

A secret and mysterious evil user called C.A.N.Y (Chaos Alien Nonsense York), and the F.G.R (Foul Gang Ravager) was stolen from C.A.N.Y to join the evil alliance of the evil C.A.N.Y and F.G.R forever to destroying the planet earth during the Cyber War II.

In "Ultimate Strikers 20XX", now it's the Planet Earth War ZX.

In "Ultimate Strikers 20ZX Climax", now it's the All Planet Wars ZX.

List of villainous evil user armies (Evil wiki contributors only)

  • Guardo the Grey color Dark armor robot
  • Ridera the Green color Dark dragon rider armor robot
  • Rideronzo the Green color Big dark dragon rider armor robot
  • Greeno the Green color Dark armor robot
  • Limero the Green color Dark corporal armor robot
  • Wingyra the Grey color Dark dragon rider armor robot

List of villainous evil user bosses

"2016" bosses (2):

  • Tonyk2004 [Ayako the Mother Bomber (Dark Mother Plane Dragon)]
  • Tommy Parky UTTP [King Ayako the Lord Bomber (Dark Mother Plane Dragon)] *Leader

"2017: The Battle of Internet" bosses (16):

  • FriskDies [Tone the Heavy Cruiser (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • Itsmethegeicogecko [Kaga the Aircraft Carrier (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • Tonyk2004 [Ayako the Mother Bomber (Dark Mother Plane Dragon)]
  • Anmspaintfartist [Fuso the Battleship (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • RodM42 [Akagi the Aircraft Carrier (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • Evil Major Wikia Contributors [Daihiryu the Aircraft Squadron (Dark Plane Dragons)]
  • The True True King Boo [Ise the Battleship (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • Horrorgain [Hiryu the Aircraft Carrier (Dark Skark Ship)]
  • Tonyk2004 [Ayako II the Mother Bomber (Dark Mother Plane Dragon)]
  • Vandalismismymiddlename [Mutsu the Battleship (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • Evil Major Wikia Contributors [Daihiryu II the Aircraft Squadron (Dark Plane Dragons)]
  • Anjilaa [Yamashiro the Battleship (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • Bluenose15 [Soryu the Aircraft Carrier (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • Tonyk2004 [Ayako III the Mother Bomber (Dark Mother Plane Dragon)]
  • MadForBrains [Nagato the Battleship (Dark Shark Ship)]
  • Tommy Parky UTTP [Yamato the Battleship (Dark Shark Ship)] *Leader

"2018: Counter Combat" bosses (5):

  • Nminhtu126 [Leviathan the Electron Airship]
  • Redadude [Bismarck the Counter-Blaze Ship]
  • Akt61791 [V.3 Rocket the Defensive Giant Rocket]
  • Cumslut69 [Krote the Assaulter Tank]
  • Haris18 [Gotha the Go-229] *Leader

"20XX: Cyber War Against Destiny" bosses (7):

  • Tonyk2004 [Ayako Speical the Biggest Flying Bomber]
  • Cathy Boehm [Raimei the Turret Ship]
  • Hankthechog [Karbert Armour the Turret Tank]
  • PurichiPokaPoka [Grantz the Diver Submarine]
  • Redgyrados [Sancho Pedro the Deadly Tank]
  • Renielglen Delacruz (YouTube Channel) [Outerlimits the Juggernaut Tanker]
  • Yusufarslan1 [F.Blacker the SR-71] *Leader

"2019: The Quest Master" bosses (15):

  • Brandon Kohout (YouTube Channel) [Nagi the High Speed Destroyer]
  • DARKSOULSII 2000 (YouTube Channel) [Shouto the New Type Heavy Tank]
  • Fundir Broe UTTP THDTC (YouTube Channel) [Akane the Prototype Attacker]
  • Evil Lance Adams UTTP (YouTube Channel) [Noroshi the Cruising Tank]
  • OscilleGrandChase (YouTube Channel) [Kyuoh the Intercontinental Bomber]
  • Commander Bleach man (YouTube Channel) [Haruka the Special Attacker]
  • UTTP Officer Shrek (YouTube Channel) [Kai the Anti-Submarine Battle Cruiser]
  • Evil FNAFStarWarsFanboy1000 UTTP (YouTuba Channel) [Ishizue the Multi-Cannon Tank]
  • Sir Piggeh Of Thy UTTP (YouTube Channel) [Akatsuki the Middle Class Bomber]
  • SpyroCheongisPoopy UTTP THCP (YouTube Channel) [Kaijin the Super Gigantic Battleship]
  • Hunter UTTP (YouTube Channel) [Yu the Anti-Aircraft Battleship]
  • [Take the Twin-Bodied Transporter]
  • [Arashi the Gigantic Fighter]
  • Alvin Hung (YouTube Channel) [Goku the Railed Tank]
  • Tommy Parky UTTP [Appare Toride the Moving Fortress] *Leader

"Strikers 2020" bosses (8):

  • Tommy Parky UTTP [Space Crab Cheesystal (Radiated Cheesy Crown Pizza)] *Leader
  • Alex the Railfanning Redneck (YouTube Channel) [Hell Mechanoid Chromadnezz]
  • ThePreviewsGuy VHSOpenings (YouTube Channel) [Hell Drone Tribotical]
  • Matthew Davis The Movie Lover (YouTube Channel) [Hell Scorpion Venomoison]
  • BrandontheMovieGuy (YouTube Channel) [Cyclone Pod U.F.G (Unidentified Flying Ghost)]
  • Railfan346 (YouTube Channel) [Rocket Base Samson]
  • Sassy Kid [Fling Battleship Khabarovsk]
  • Leopolder [Ground Battleship Doramascher]
  • Spongefreak1770 [Super Battleship K.II]
  • Pokelover0702 [Air Fortless XFB-1]

"Strikers 2020 II and Strikers 2020 Plus" bosses (8):

  • Tommy Parky UTTP [Doom King the F.G.R Alien (Foul Gang Ravager)] *Leader
  • Teenmariobros [Block-Ade the Creator Crane Wizard]
  • Hunnic Empire [Cross Sinker the Gigantic Submarine]
  • Alex0225 [Excel Titanoid the Mighty Hovercraft] (Strikers 2020 Plus)
  • Vladohabaj1330 [Rommel the Fortress]
  • Marissa Ionta (YouTube channel) [Graf Zeppelin the Super Carrier]
  • HIMYM&SouthParkFTWBoohbah&TeletubiesFTL (YouTube Channel) [Syumi Type 0 the Huge Flying Boat]
  • OrtegaSauce [Iron Casket the Battle Airship]
  • Lithuania12 [Gliath the Armored Train]
  • Pippi311 [Cruel Pirata the Super Carrier] (Strikers 2020 Plus)

"Strikers 2020 III (U)/ Strikers 20ZX (J)" bosses (8):

  • Chosi Rele UTTP (YouTube Channel) [Chaos Queen the Organic Megaguirus Alien] *Leader
  • Don akbar johnnystein [Shadow Blinder the Mechanical Louse]
  • Keyblade Master (YouTube Channel) [Geo Bite the Cybernetic Droid/Mosquito]
  • Derfuzhwar/Twin Perfect (YouTube Channel) [Cross Blade the Cybernetic Droid/Twin Housefly]
  • Minecraftguy14 [Green Bender the Heavy Bomber/Scarab]
  • Pileofdoodoo [Ground Skater the Super-Tank/Spider]
  • BrianAGKChiem [Thanatos the Military Train/Mantis]
  • Derechtegangster29 [Specter the Gunship Helicopter/Stag Beetle]
  • Filiiii [Spike Arm the Hovercraft/Water Strider]