X-36 Warlord
  • Name: Warlord
  • Code: X-36
  • Full name: X-36 Warlord
  • Uzi type: Razor Vulcan
  • Uzi's Sub-weapon: Variable Laser
  • Melee weapon: Cyber-light Axe
  • Melee weapon's Super shot: Spiral Laser
  • Bomb skill: Mega Smasher
  • Number of Wingmen: None
  • Wingmen Formation: None
  • Tri-Gem: Aquamarine
  • Owner name: Traver Adam Vincent
  • Owner's country: United States of America

In the series:

  • Strikers 2020 III (U)/Strikers 20ZX (J)
  • Ultimate Strikers 20ZX Climax